Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 4)

Guilds, crafting, exploration, sales, and more.

My characters now have a guild to call home! Due to snagging a rather nice Letter of Influence from one of the daily login rewards I was able to acquire a hefty chunk of Influence, which, with the Architecture and Politics research, allows me to build a small guild bank and emblazon my guild pane with an emblem. I could later add this to weapons, armour, and other things- but those are a bit further off (and possibly even out of reach with a solo character guild). Given I can represent five(?) on my account, I will likely keep this as a pet project and if I really want to join an active guild then do so later.

The fifty slot guild bank would also cover nearly two personal bank tabs. Of course, there are limitations on what can go in those tabs, like soulbound and account bound items are not allowed in guild banks, but all other manner of things are. Like runes, sigils, food, Black Lion Chests, and other spacesinks. I have plans to expand when I have the Influence later.

If nothing else it takes the pressure off for requiring an additional personal bank tab, as I now have the space to wait and buy with gold, if at all, in the future.

The next development is that my account is now able to use the Trading Post and other full account facilities. Which, in the first instance, brought me a good 60 silver in sales from surplus crafting materials. Hardly wealth beyond measure- but better than selling to vendors or destroying them. It has since net me a few more gold and does wonders for the Jeweler. I can salvage the ones that won’t net a good price and sell the ones that will. Not to mention it’s a good dumping ground for depreciated (yet profitable) recipes.

Under the overgrowth. Exploration! Riches! Probable death!
Under the overgrowth. Exploration! Riches! Probable death!

I may or may not have overshot the crafting levels a little bit, too.

While exploring a Lvl 45-50 area on my Guardian I found that while the majority of ore was Platinum, there were still small quantities of Iron to be had, which should mean for those between Lvl 20-40 (which is the the rest of my characters), there are more opportunities to collect materials while exploring more fluidly than anticipated. Especially considering one of those characters doesn’t even have any crafting disciplines that require materials. While most crafting disciplines are now between 150-300 besides Leatherworker which needs a little push. So, as far as crafting goes, we’re on track for good things as far as I can tell.

Which is what the main focus has been for a while- preparatory work. Getting the guild up and running, solidifying the character builds, developing crafting disciplines, exploring the world, and enjoying the characters all the while. Which has been going swimmingly thus far. There are still some minor issues for some characters but those will sort themselves out most likely.

The last thought on my mind recently is whether I want to purchase an additional character slot with Gems. I have no qualms about buying a character slot- I did in the first Guild Wars- and I’m rather tempted to here. I don’t mind spending real money with Guild Wars in general. They tend to have been pretty fair with what you can purchase, how much it costs, and what it can actually do. There are few to no opportunities to pay to win. Nor are there many opportunities where they overcharge (in my opinion).

Have a nice week, all!


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