Guild Wars 2: Tyrian Travels (Pt. 1)

Let’s start another series of posts, shall we?

One great thing about finally opening the floodgates on the whole gaming angle is that I get to talk about all kinds of things that, while relevant, and definitely interesting (at least to me), have fallen into a time period before Moggie’s Proclamations started. For instance, Returning to Tyria introduced a topic that I haven’t really talked about here. Not because I didn’t want to but because it’s very hard to bring it up randomly. Likewise the Memories of the Vault post was only possible for the same reasons.

I am slightly hesitant to start new series of posts around a particular game, however.

In the case of many MMOs there is always a ramp up period where you’re getting things in order, choosing your build, acquiring cool items, spending time crafting, and generally developing the character until the level cap. At such time it’s pretty much business as usual. You go out, you do whatever you set out to do, and you come home. You don’t really take much time developing your items or skills past that point- besides necessary upgrades- as you’ve settled on what you want. There’s a lot to talk about during the levelling process, though.

In the case of Guild Wars 2 there’s a lot you can do during the levelling process. Due to the lack of traditional questing you could spend the entire time just running around gathering crafting materials, taking part in events, and doing your story missions. Especially if you have a crafting discipline or two. Then you get experience from actually making the items, too.

Quite a haunting place. What with the ghosts and all.
Quite a haunting place. What with the ghosts and all.

The first part of our story follows the adventures of a fluffy Guardian.

Though, personally, I wouldn’t refer to a Charr as fluffy anywhere where they can hear you. You might get impaled, set alight, cursed, maimed, or have to give obligatory belly rubs every time you see them. It’s an interesting point (personally) to play as a Charr, considering in the first Guild Wars they were often considered one of the major enemy factions. It’s also interesting because there are several factions within the Charr, each following their own agenda, and each developing their newly founded empire. Not nearly as black and white as it might seem.

The Guardian strikes me as quite a diverse and many faceted class. You can seem to go down the road of emulating a Paragon, a Monk, or a Warrior/Monk with ease. Many of their skills seem to fall within defensive utility, but they can also heal, and bolster allies with various buffs, so they have a lot of room to develop whichever way you want to take them.

Initially I was set on the mace and shield combo. Though, as I play through further, and unlock more utility skills, I’m starting to lean towards the scepter. Perhaps with a few of the more offensive magical attacks in their arsenal. Still operating as a frontal damage soak but having more movement, healing, and supportive abilities. That said, before I can start to explore these possibilities I need to hit Lvl 45 and acquire a scepter. I already have a secondary specialisation almost entirely unlocked so that’s done, at least.

I’m firmly grounded in the greatsword as her alternate weapon set, though. Good mixture of damage, survivability, healing, and party buffs in that build. Need to decide on the stats I want on her equipment, though. Currently using +Power/+Precision which is working out pretty well. Which reminds me- I need to find out what Condition Damage does.

Have a nice week, all!


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