Fairy Fencer F

Welcome to the world’s first herding fairies into a fenced location simulator!

Fairy Fencer F is an enjoyable, sometimes hilarious, other times poignant, JRPG adventure like those of my childhood. Travelling across a vast world, with a diverse cast of characters, and a fair number of Furies to find and unlock- there’s a lot to do. Each character comes with their own unique Fairy with which they can Fairize allowing them to access combat bonuses. Whether the bonuses are specific are generic is something I was never quite able to figure out, but, even if generic, they provide a massive boost to protection which is always nice.

To explain more about the specifics of the Fairies and the Furies is hard without spoiling the story a little.

However, there are plenty of other things to discuss! Like the characters who, while they lack classes, are actually quite diverse in their role(s) in combat. One thing I feel this title delivers by the bucketload is customisation and this is mostly, if not entirely, illustrated by the character options, within which you can build a particular character around what you want them to do. While there are two healer type choices (Tiara and Galdo) there’s no obligation to take a healer. Or even use them as a healer. Galdo has some great skills to make him a sort of thief with magical capabilities. While Tiara fills the role of offensive mage with almost staggering power.

Visually stunning with crisp, clear, vibrant colours.
Visually stunning with crisp, clear, vibrant colours.

Godly Revival allows you to take this one step further by combining your chosen Fury with an extra ability. Some are really amazing and can be used pretty much throughout the entire game (like post-battle healing), some are great to compliment a character’s existing skills, and others change the dungeons you’ll explore later down the line. Offering both bonuses and drawbacks.

All of the above comes together over the course of the main story to create interesting and different characters depending on what you want from them. I built Fang around a purely physical build and rarely used his magical attacks, while Tiara was the opposite, and Galdo fell somewhere between the two. It’s quite refreshing to be able to customise characters to this degree in a JRPG. The only negative I take from this is that, when it comes to new characters, they start with a low amount of WP. (WP is the means by which you upgrade character abilities.)

This means that characters you’ve had for much longer have much more capability than new ones. So you might need to take a gamble on a new one when you get them.

The story is actually a little more complex than you would first give it credit for. There’s also a New Game+ option once you’ve finished the story which may be required(?) for some of the late-game achievements and unlocks. For instance, I wasn’t able to find an S-Class Fury from any of the available quests. Though, I could have missed something. Also, to fully unlock a character’s combat capabilities will likely require New Game+ unless you want to do a lot of levelling on your first run. So there’s definitely a lot of content tackle if you enjoy that sort of thing!

To say I was impressed with this title would be somewhat of an understatement. It was a lot of fun, it made me laugh often, and there was a lot to do while it never felt particularly forced. I almost went straight into New Game+ after finishing it the first time as I didn’t want it to be over just yet.

Have a nice weekend, all!


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