Natural Bloodlust

Stand back- I have a pet and I’m not afraid to use it.

Grim Dawn is a fantastic game, don’t you agree? I love it. I can’t wait to see it fully released all polished and deliciously playable with all those wonderful Masteries and Acts to explore. Speaking of which, they’ve recently added the sixth- and final- Mastery to the game. The Shaman is a powerful frontline fighter utilising two-handed weapons, the blessings of nature, pets, and generally everything you could ever want from a class if you enjoy mixed melee classes.

A particularly good choice if you’re a new player, too. The early availability of a healing aura, along with a fairly tanky pet, and a good AoE skill in the form of Primal Strike gives you a good balance of different skills. The healing aura isn’t that impressive as to allow you to disregard incoming damage but it compliments the Constitution system pretty well early on.

Not to mention there are some really good choices to pair it up with another Mastery. The Soldier will add a lot of survivability and utility to the already impressive longevity of the Shaman, the Occultist can allow you to weaken and debilitate foes before taking them down, or the Arcanist could be used as a sort of full mage build with pure elemental damage and pets. Or just stick with the full Shaman experience for a diverse and interesting time. So far I feel as though it’s a little too powerful. Then again, I’m not entirely sure how well the other Masteries stack up in relation to that as the recent patch also included balancing. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Shaman was a toned down a little- it’s amazingly good at the moment.

Not as dangerous as it looks. Mostly.
Not as dangerous as it looks. Mostly.

At this point Grim Dawn reminds me of my earlier days in Diablo II classic.

Except they’ve improved on a lot of the drawbacks that Diablo II had (and still has). Like how with the Barbarian or Paladin you were restricted to sparingly using little more than a basic attack, until you found a Mana Steal item, or got the Mana regeneration aura on the Paladin, which made them build up quite slowly. How the end game is going to look at this point is still a mystery and one I’m trying to keep as well preserved as I can. Which is why, despite desperately wanting to, I won’t actually play through Grim Dawn up to the end of the Early Access content.

Similar to Darkest Dungeon. While both are very much playable, polished, and work better than some fully released games- I want to preserve that first time experience. Of course I haven’t completely preserved it as I have played it, know a bit about it, and know somewhat what works and what doesn’t. But I do want to play both start to finish when released.

Still, I do love Grim Dawn. I really do. It’s pretty much everything I ever wanted from an ARPG.

I think they’ve done a wonderful job of improving upon the Titan Quest engine, developing the classes, choosing the art direction, and delivering the whole thing as a complete package. They don’t update as frequently as some but when they do they’re usually awesome new things. Like the most recent patch which contains a great deal of tweaks, changes, and new areas. I haven’t really had a go to ARPG since Diablo II and this might just be the one to replace it. Here’s hoping the continued development is just as good as it has been up to this point!

Have a nice week, all!


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