Maximum Giblet Potential

It has been reached!

As the Steam summer sale rolls on and more tantalising deals are presented each day, it is at this time we can observe the wild Moggie in his natural habitat. At around 6pm GMT you will see him emerge from his leisure to peruse new deals, think about purchases, and ponder new additions to his library. Unfortunately, much to the sadness of the wild Moggie, there aren’t many new titles to purchase as he already owns pretty much everything he wants. Such is life. Such are the times of few releases relevant to his interests.

That said, I’m not without hope that I’ll manage to spend some money before this Steam sale expires like a red shirt on their first mission.

I’ve been pondering on the purchase of the Doom collection that Steam has generously cut a good 40% off of (which puts it at the price of the non-discount price of the first entry to the series). I’ll be totally honest and say that, as expected, as I have no FPS origins when it comes to gaming, I’ve never played Doom. I’d never played Wolfenstein until the very enjoyable Wolfenstein: The New Order was released, either. That said, I am getting a bit more attuned to the whole first person shooter-y thing. Especially when there are shotguns.

Let me tell you something about Fallout 3. I love combat shotguns. I suppose in their traditional sense they would be pump action shotguns(?) but they are pretty awesome. However, as I have noticed, shotguns can be a bit hit or miss (pardon the pun) in many games. But Doom seems to sport a rather sexy looking shotgun experience. Yes, shotguns can be sexy.

All of the above taken into account I’m only versed in the general classification of guns, though.

I know (generally) what an assault rifle is, a carbine is, a shotgun is, and so on. But if you get into the realms of say S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl where they’re based on realistic(?) guns then you’ve lost me. It has a clip or a magazine, it has bullets or shells, it has a barrel, and it tends to go bang when you fire it. Moggie gun knowledge exhausted.

From the point of pure fun, though? Doom looks like it has that in spades. That’s the first thing in my mind when I think of Shadow Warrior (2013)- it’s just a lot of fun. It’s fast paced, brutal, enjoyable, and it hooks you from start to finish. I think that’s one of the things about Fallout 3 that drew me back to it so many times. It’s fun to explore, to try new character types, to explore, to be a different person, and more. Kind of makes me a little sad that I can’t find many games that I really enjoy playing. Oddly enough there are some oldies in that list, too. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic? Frustrating at times but it was a wildly enjoyable ride. Sacred? I can’t count the profanities hurled at the screen but a solid experience.

If you’re wondering about the title… I have a juvenile interest in turning enemies into giblets.

It makes me happy. Not always. But it doesn’t hurt. Well, it doesn’t hurt me- I’m sure the enemies feel differently about it. I sometimes wonder if future employers ever stumble across this blog and that’s why I don’t ever get a call back. I think about a lot of things. It’s why my head hurts. Or so says my doctor who advises I do it as infrequently as possible.

Have a nice week, all!


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