Monthly Recap (Apr 2015)

In some ways April has been a fairly busy month for all things Moggie.

First and foremost it is the first full month of recording and uploading things on YouTube. We have a full ten parts of the Early Access playlists of both Grim Dawn and Darkest Dungeon. We’ve also got a few videos from the Heroes of the Storm Beta, there’s a few videos covering the adventures of Old Manquisitor, and by complete surprise there’s even some Diablo III content. Not to mention there’s all the older stream content and a few random videos from different games.

As noted previously, where YouTube is going, and whether it will keep the same level of output, is all open at the moment.

While I would love to keep doing recordings from various games it’s a difficult thing to promise. I still do want to cover some other games which I really think are absolutely fantastic which is why I created the Extended Library playlist. At the moment it’s only holding a singular recording of Hero Siege but that could/hopefully will change.

It would have been holding a recording of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing but they have recently updated the multiplayer code for that (I think it was), and things don’t work as well as they used to. There are some odd bugs like wearing items with a Lvl 30 requirement at Lvl 1, many of the items you were wearing already on levelled characters now being unequipped, and other tweaks and changes that make it less than enjoyable/viable to play it at the moment. They say they’ll fix it but until they do there’s not much I can do here.

If you follow the blog regularly you’ll also notice that I recently spoke of the new version of Unity.

While I haven’t been talking about Unity in April (for many different and possibly related reasons) I have been keeping an eye on it. I’ve recently upgraded the major project I’m working on to the new version of Unity. It wasn’t without issue, in fact, in some cases, it’s been a bit painful. However, most of it was in the code rather than in the environments and models and such. So I only have to scrap a couple of scenes/layouts and redo them. Which is more than worth it given how much easier the new editor is to use to create really high quality content.

Even if not looking from the graphical capabilities- which Unity 5 has in spades- it’s much easier to use and adjust several things in the new editor. Thankfully the coding (as it’s done in either C# or Javascript and not actually part of the main editor) hasn’t changed/been updated. So that all works. Which really helps if, like me, your project is mostly composed of code.

If you’re following me over on Twitter you may have seen the Tweet regarding my personal site and the recent update it got.

While not a full site update, nor anything major, it did introduce new (and improved) thumbnails and updated pieces. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time as most things pre-2013 were of mixed quality when it came to scanning in, adjusting, and cropping pieces. So I took the time to fully update all of the pieces on the site and bring them all into the same level of quality. Which should mean you get more enjoyment from viewing the pieces and that the experience is much more fluid. As, quite frankly, there were huge gaps in quality and presentation before.

So, yeah, there was a lot going on it would seem!

Have a nice week, all!


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