Developing with Unity (Pt. 8)

Skill systems, fine silk ties, item systems- these are a few of my favourite things.

You remember in the last Developing with Unity post that I discussed how I feel that the item system is usually the make or break for a game for me? No? What- you mean you didn’t read it?! What kind of audience are you?! I jest. I love you. Like a man loves fine silk ties.

Or like this man loves fine silk ties.

I’m also rather taken to skill systems. While my poison is usually something along the lines of a point or progression based skill tree- I am pretty flexible. If the skills are good or interesting then I will take to it regardless of whether or not it features some way to invest in, enhance, or completely change skills. This is why, after playing around with a battle system script some, I started thinking of ways to revamp the skill system for my characters. I wasn’t bold enough to implement a point based system but I did give each class its own particular flavour.

I’ve worked a lot on the individual systems in the game trying to polish various things and get them to a “near final” state. This includes the equipment system where the entire set of items you will find in the game are now in, once equipped they are saved and loaded when next you play, the basic initial equipment is now added to the characters on creation (and all associated statistical bonuses), food can be eaten, junk can be looked at with a contortion of disgust, and so on. The tooltips are separated and besides some functionality which has been left out for the time being- it’s all there. The functionality that isn’t there is so ridiculously easy to add in as well.

The inventory is the biggest pain in my shapely rear at the moment as I don’t have any way to save it. Well, no, tell a lie- I could save it- but I don’t want to. Why? Well, many reasons. One is that while I could use the same save and load method I used for equipment for the inventory it’s a lot of work. It’s tedious. It’s time consuming. Which doesn’t put me off at all. But I don’t want to think of a better idea later and then curse myself for not adding that in instead. Or, worse still, adding it in later and spending more time on it.

Given that you can acquire, equip, and use items and that the demo isn’t going to be incredibly long (the first one anyway) there isn’t really a need to have a persistent inventory yet. When you get deeper into the game and past a couple of quests then it will become a necessity.

I’m sort of hoping that you can make one team and keep using it over and over after the first demo. In the first demo it’s all about getting a feel for the game.

By the time the second demo comes along (if it comes along) the inventory system should be saving itself and/or loading itself. But until then it’s not really on the high priority list. Seems like a silly thing to say, I know- but it does make a strange sort of sense. To me at least.

Have a nice weekend all!


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