Developing with Unity (Pt. 7)

Items, equipment, and all things you can loot from corpses! Or chests.

Following on from the previous post I began the project anew. All old scripts, all old assets, and all old project files were scrapped in favour of something a little more ambitious. I switched focus from a single character third person ARPG to a three person party RPG. I’ve included some concepts that wouldn’t be too out of place in a CRPG and really I’ve been working on systems more than anything. Character creation is much more difficult when there’s three of you, there are classes, and there are class specific skills included!

But the character creation and party abilities are more or less finished now.

I’m going to be adjusting the size of windows and presentation and things like that in the future. But for now it works, it has bells and whistles, and it saves correctly. Loads correctly, too. Be a bit awkward if it didn’t. The next task was the HUD which is pretty simple in this case as there aren’t many screen elements you need/want as there’s a whole menu elsewhere.

Behold- camp! Also, GUI. Also, character statistics!
Behold- camp! Also, GUI. Also, character statistics!

Which brought me the biggest beast of this, and, well, every project I’ve worked on thus far- items. The wonderful things that make you yelp in delight or snort in disgust. There are many different ways to work on them, to implement them, to provide their bonuses, and to separate their bonuses between different item classes. To be honest, this is the one section of the project that I absolutely dread as, to me, the items and the loot are often the make or break for the enjoyment of a game.

There are a lot of questions in my head when I think about items. What makes a really good item? What makes a really poor item? How do I make really good items stand out without diluting the feeling of awesomeness when you find one? Is that last question even a possible scenario? Many, many things.

With what I’ve got currently outlined in my project files I don’t have a huge amount of equipment, but I do have crafting, and I do have items you can’t craft which are inherently good, but there’s no reliance or need for either. You don’t need to craft to get good items. But, equally, you don’t need to rely on good drops for good items. I’ve also started working on the master script for every object in the game that can drop equipment, items, gold, crafting materials, and more. There’s also a partially working equipment system which you can throw a few items into. I’ve got to finish that and then find a way to save the inventory you have and equipment you’re currently wearing to the save file.

The good news is that most of the menu is done, too. All sorts of goodness already exists and there are parts I can reuse from the character generation script to make it much easier to progress to a fully working menu. It’s a lot of work- but it’s less than it would be if I couldn’t reuse things or if I didn’t have a project file drawn up.

After these elements are all fully working and available it is time to tackle the wonders of a combat system. Which is going to be a pretty big part of the project in itself.

Have a good week, all!


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