Modding Legend of Grimrock

I’ve got an obscure note, a torch, a red gem, and there are nine pressure plates in front of me. Makes total sense.

I’ve recently picked up Legend of Grimrock (for an absolute steal at £2.49) which is a first person four person party dungeon exploration title featuring a balance of combat, puzzles, and frustrated profanity. In the first few hours you get the feeling you’ll be out of here in no time at all as you’re coasting your way through the third level while channelling your inner Indiana Jones but then- crabs! Why did it have to be crabs?

No self respecting explorer likes getting ambushed by crabs.

Especially considering there isn’t a poultice or potion that can cure such an ailment. Then again, that’s why adventurers get paid as much as they do (or next to nothing in most cases) for the thanks and admiration from townspeople (that you never actually get) for braving such dangers (often at great personal expense). It’s the life, eh?

The opening level of the mod is a dimly lit prison complex. Few items are offered to give a basic set of equipment for the first encounters.
The opening level of the mod is a dimly lit prison complex. Few items are offered to give a basic set of equipment for the first encounters.

But the beautiful thing about this title (for the purpose of this post) is that it comes with a dungeon editor which allows you to create your own self contained dungeon experiences featuring either reused or completely new assets. It’s up to you how much and how far you mod it and whether you mod it at all. But I thought I’d give it a go as this is probably the most apt game for me to mod given my appreciation of dungeons, loot, fine floor food, profanity inducing puzzles, and the destruction of my enemies. However, as it’s my first mod I am trying to keep it a fairly small dungeon for the time being. I might expand it if I have much success with the creation but it’s likely to be five or so floors.

Maybe six. Such a round number is six.

I do want to create custom equipment and enemy encounters but that is about as ambitious as it gets with the “additional content”. I would enjoy adding a few spells, too. Especially if I could create scrolls that explain how to cast them. That said, all of the original content for spells and potions will be present (just not original equipment or monsters).

Given the nature of the title it’s quite easy to create a dungeon that may or may not thematically fit in with the lore of Legend of Grimrock, as we don’t really get much information about this wonderful world in the course of playing the game. Well, at least not the first. I am looking forward to the outdoor areas and swimming areas of the second title which is currently on my Steam Wishlist. (Basically my way of keeping track of games I liked the look of as sometimes I forget and they come up in a sale and I miss awesome savings.)

So far I’ve got the first floor down, some basic equipment made, I’m working on the second floor, and I’ll be looking into the enemy encounters soon. Once finished I hope to publish it on the Steam Workshop (if I like it) and then maybe a few people will play and hopefully enjoy my creation. Or they could leave reviews along the lines of “lol this is poo”.

That’s cool. Kind of.

This is a topic that I haven’t really discussed before as I don’t actively mod many games these days but I have always been passionate about game design, coding, game creation, and the like. I love the thought of one day having a game of my own that I built and developed.

Have a nice week, all!


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