SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 8)

The great thing about a lightsaber is that you can’t accidentally stab yourself as the blade retracts. Just don’t push the button at the wrong time…

I went on a little adventure to Ord Mantell recently (these posts are now two weeks behind) and played a rather fresh and new Vanguard, Aubrecht, up until he finished Coruscant, as an experiment. I didn’t really enjoy the single saber DPS tree for the Jedi Guardian, or the shared DPS tree for the Jedi Knight, so I set to work on rebuilding him as a tank. Due to my understanding of my mind I kept all of my tanking stuff and just switched back. What does this have to do with Aubrecht? Well, I was going to replace my Jedi Guardian with a Vanguard. Tank for tank. However, it was also a continuation of my levelling experiences recently.

My time on Coruscant taught me one thing- that place is awful. It’s great and wonderful but the place is as rotten as five week old chicken breasts.

They're migrating north to somewhere warmer for the season.
They’re migrating north to somewhere warmer for the season.

Funny story about chicken breasts. I used to go to school in an area that had an absurdly large number of fried chicken shops and one day me and a friend were walking home past the back way through the shops and there was about 10kg of chicken just splattered on the floor. In summer. Under a scorching sun. Going completely rank. Hence why I made that analogy as I can’t honestly think of anything worse than that. Man, that takes me back. In any case, the other thing I learned on Coruscant was that every class eventually slows down. Which is one of the good things about levelling many characters after being on one for a long time- perspective. Not just a multiple point drawing tool, a song by Peter Gabriel, or a reason why everything looks smaller the further you get from it.

When you’re playing a tank for a long time (and I played one almost exclusively for a year) you get the feeling everyone’s doing more of it more than you. Damage that is. As you know you’re never likely to hit the levels of a DPS class as the mechanics simply don’t allow it, but, you tease yourself, and you level a DPS class. Only to find it goes super quick at the beginning.

As it would. Or, rather- as it should.

But as you get into the 10-20 region you start to notice the field levels and while tanks are generally slower to kill they last a bit longer than DPS in straight fights. I ended up doing some Heroics for people on Coruscant on my Jedi Guardian (nearly Lvl 40) and it was a breath of fresh air that reminded me of why I started a tank. It’s a blast in groups. Well, anything other than end game groups. Unless you have an awesome guild. Sure, I was vastly overpowered- but it was a great time. It was great being able to hold many enemies, taunt, pull threat, protect, and generally be the “commander” in the group. Directing the flow of the fights.

With that in mind I knew I could never forsake my defensive duties. Though this will probably mean my Jedi Shadow goes back to mass murder but that’s the only that will really be affected as it was the only one that changed in the first place. See? Who said being social was a bad thing? In other news I also bought a really nice coat. It’s not quite Jedi fashion but you can’t have everything.

Have a great weekend, all!


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