SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 7)

What was will probably never be that way again. Then again, that’s a bit of a bold assumption as I might not actually enjoy the Shadow tank later in the game.

Like every good father I spent time with my various children on their holiday to Coruscant. However, unlike most family holidays, their holiday was filled with the sound of blaster fire and the distinct smell of singed flesh. It wasn’t exactly eating ice cream under blue skies on a sandy beach somewhere. No, that’s saved for Tatooine. Hopefully I won’t see any Sand People out there and I won’t have to reminisce about the days of my Jedi Guardian making Sand People mincemeat. That would be tragic.

Say hello to my rather sizeable friend.
Say hello to my rather sizeable friend.

I decided to try out my various characters in their new capacity. Given that the Gunslinger put pay to the theory that he might be a healer, my Commando picked up the healer role, while my Jedi Shadow picked up a unique tanking role. The Jedi Guardian? Who knows. Last I saw him he was huddling next to the warmest thing he could find on Hoth.

The Jedi Shadow is actually working out quite well as a tank. It’s an odd specialisation as you’re lacking a lot of the inherent tanking bonuses that the Jedi Guardian has, which, I think given what is to come, it looks like more of an active mitigation role. You are going to need to fire off various CDs and use your buffs to your advantage to survive. It’s working out pretty well as she nears Lvl 17 and is off to Taris but I think it might be working a bit too well. Her threat generation is, well, it’s enough to knock Qyzen Fess off the list, and it’s enough that she has had one really tough battle so far purely because she doesn’t have the survivability to endure that amount of damage. However, I don’t think this will be as bad once you get further into the questing.

While her damage is actually pretty good and even though she can actually hold many enemies on her at once she isn’t coming out of most fights that badly injured. The question remains as to which kind of companion she will take with her as while Qyzen Fess is a tank primarily he can gain DPS abilities and a lower threat stance.

The Commando is a lot less focused in her levelling. One thing you’ll find about levelling a healer in any MMO (or any that I’ve played so far) is that while you are able to heal people and you can pretty much outlast any kind of damage you are pretty bad at dealing any damage. In the case of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Star Wars: The Old Republic you have so many buttons you can push that you just stack your offensive skills on one set and your healing skills on another. That said your damage abilities don’t generally get more powerful and so you’re balancing on survivability.

In this case Hammer Shot is a rather neat addition as you can increase both damage and healing with its use.

I suppose with the Jedi Shadow tanking revelation I will try out the Jedi Guardian’s DPS tree. Who knows what could happen? I don’t. Hence why I need to try it. It does look like a pretty awesome tree that demands some flashy acrobatics and you get to wear heavy armour while doing it which is a bonus. I like heavy armour. So sexy.

Have a nice week, all!


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