SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 6)

Have you ever thought about getting your foot on the intergalactic property ladder? Reasonably priced housing is available in a number of prime locations!

Said house can be decorated to show your various accomplishments, your companions, your mounts, or just your fascination with every kind of rug in existence. That there is a genuine Sand People twine twice-spun ceremonial rug complete with Jawa embroidery from Tatooine. The blood stains are pretty genuine, too- I literally pulled the rug out from under them! Well… out from under their corpses. Same difference, right? Besides we live in a futuristic world where people can have cybernetic limbs grafted to their mangled flesh so we must have washing powder that gets blood out. We don’t? Jeez. How do those Imperials keep their clothes so clean if all they do is kill everyone they don’t like?

Many Imperials were hurt in the making of this screenshot.
Many Imperials were hurt in the making of this screenshot.

I chose a new name for my Jedi Guardian. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I chose Da’kaeth but I think that Daoshan is a fitting replacement and has a rather nice ring to it once you get used to it. Which, as this is me, it will take me forever to get used to it as I’m one of those “set it and don’t change it” types when it comes to character design. Then again, with the species change, and the name change, and even the possible tree change, there wasn’t really much I enjoyed about him. Or rather I had different ideas of what these things were and now that I know I’m changing them to suit what I would prefer to do.

I’m intent on keeping my first character and building his own sort of legacy even with all of the changes.

I didn’t do the same on World of Warcraft for the most part but by the time I’d set out on my journey to Kul Tiras I knew what I liked. I wanted a Paladin main. I also enjoyed Druids and Priests in equal measure. Of course, if I were to move, which I might if they were to offer more than one PvE English speaking server, I would probably do things differently. But I have approached this in an unconventional way and will continue to.

That said, I did change some things on World of Warcraft as time went on. On Moggie, my Paladin main, I switched primarily to Protection over Retribution later on. Then again I wasn’t too fond of the new Retribution and Protection was a lot better for soloing things. Or at least surviving long enough to solo anything. But looking back on the whole thing over the number of years I played there was a lot that changed even if the characters themselves didn’t change. I learned a lot more, was more efficient, knew a lot more, and eventually got to the point where I didn’t have any use for certain things so they just piled up. I’m doing that now with my Gunslinger as I finally understand how Crew Skills work.

Took me long enough to realise you can queue more than one crafting order up at once.

For those who are curious, and let me assure you I love curious people, I’m scheduling these posts about a week in advance. So while you’re reading this today it’s already roughly eight days old which means I’ve probably had more adventures and I’m writing more stories for you to read. If you do. Which I hope you do. I don’t necessarily want to talk to myself (though I do it often enough).

Have a great Sunday, all!


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