SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 5)

My indecisiveness is only matched by my ability to level characters at such a speed that costly decisions are anything but.

So much has changed in the short time that I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’ve changed the way my Jedi Guardian looks (as that original Cyborg design was awful), I may be changing his name, I’ve changed a few characters, and I’ve made a dozen Smugglers. It’s all go and it’s all very confusing if you’re trying to keep up. Good thing I’m living it or I’d never know where I was.

Not to say that I know where I am now.

Jedi Guardian's don't have all the fun, you know.
Jedi Guardians don’t have all the fun, you know.

So, what’s with the Smugglers? That’s a good question. You see, in my time levelling an Imperial Agent I had toyed with the prospect of choosing the Sniper but ultimately settled on the Operative just in case I didn’t enjoy the DPS role and wanted to heal instead. Fun fact: I do actually have a tank, healer, and two DPS lined up on each side allowing me to play the game from every perspective. It’s my way of making sure I can play a little of everything but my contingency is being able to play something else if that doesn’t work out. In the case of the Sith Marauder and now the Gunslinger that just isn’t an option. They’re DPS or bust. But, therein lies a good story- the Smuggler was once destined to be a Scoundrel.

This was originally planned out long before the Imperial Agent but reinforced by the fact that the melee damage component of the Operative, thus far, which is fairly limited, is pretty awesome. However, the Scoundrel didn’t quite work out in the same fashion. In fact, I disliked it so much that I completely started over and made a Gunslinger instead. The damage capability looks solid and the specialisations look fun.

I’m happy with my choices on for the Empire. Got the Powertech tank, the Sorcerer healer, the Operative DPS, and the Marauder DPS. It’s a good mixture of different roles and mirrors the roles taken for the Republic side which is… a little more conflicted. Totally down for the Commando to go either healer or DPS, down for the Jedi Shadow to go DPS or tanking, the Gunslinger has to choose DPS, and the Jedi Guardian is more confused than a penguin in Barbados. He was originally planned to go DPS but the tanking specialisation looked nice. But, it really isn’t what I expected. I can’t place my finger on whether that is the tanking side or the levelling.

If it’s the levelling then there’s a possibility I can salvage something from it but it’s a tough call considering all of his gear is currently leaning towards defence.

Hoth is a pretty slow place to level at best but it’s getting slower by the fact that he struggles to get enemies to die without using Kira. Well, no, it’s not quite that bad but it’s not much better. I knew that was the downside of being a tank when I signed up but the whole class feels a little more clunky than I expected. Eh, it could be me. I don’t quite know to be honest. I do know that the Warrior (the single target tank for much of World of Warcraft’s many years of existence) was never a favourite of mine, either. I preferred the utility and multiple target tanking of the Paladin. Well, when Paladin’s had utility. In any case, there are many tough calls ahead if I want to radically change him or if I leave him as he is there’s a drawn out levelling process to look forward to.

Have a nice week, all!


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