SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 1)

Usually I’m not one for abbreviations but that title was getting so long you’d need a dual-monitor setup just to see it.

I’m not entirely sure of the reasons why but recently I decided to look into Star Wars: The Old Republic (again). I’ve followed the title in a very loose sense since the release and remember when it first went free to play, but, as I was never a massive fan of Star Wars (I liked the original trilogy of films), I never thought I’d actually play it. But the fact that it was free to play and an MMO and it could possibly scratch that MMO itch I’ve had in my lower back for the longest time that no amount of cat claws can reach I thought why not.

I went into it as a Preferred Status member as I bought the digital extras on the store for a colossal £2.99 which opened up many more character slots and such. I’d recommend anyone who’s going to play it on a free to play basis do the same as the investment is tiny and the benefits are fairly good.

But, yes, as you may have noticed, there are some restrictions for free to play but these are (in my opinion) fairly minor until you reach the level cap. Most of it is just restricting the amount of money and types of equipment you wear. But the currency cap is something like 350k so it’s not like you’re going to hit it too soon. While the equipment cap is for things that generally you’ll get in the end-game content which you would need to be Lvl 50-55 to access anyway. By which time if you’re still playing it and enjoying it the subscription cost is minor but opens the game up fully.

One thing that really struck me was how fun the classes were to play and how fun they were to watch. I was levelling my Jedi Knight on Typhon and ran into a Jedi Consular in the same area and the class just looked so much fun. Like, their attacks and the way they engaged enemies looked fun. It’s rare that I get that feeling about classes as I’m usually a bit more calculating when it comes to their rotations and such.

But this is refreshing as each class feels genuinely different and each is enjoyable in a particular way. I really enjoyed levelling a Trooper for a bit as it was so fun moving from place to play unloading massive cannon damage on everything, only to then switch to a Sith Inquisitor and feel a kind of mixed melee approach by using various lightning attacks and saber strikes. I think this is one of those rare cases that if you experiment a bit with each class you’ll probably find one that really suits you. I feel the Jedi Guardian really suits me as the mixture of offensive and defence but the lack of healing makes a challenging class.

I also feel the levelling approach is fairly unique but reminiscent of Mass Effect. In that you travel to various planets to level and these are like the traditional zones in other MMOs, but, in this case, you have a small area to explore on each planet (usually five or so zones) and there’s less running around and more levelling. Quests are tightly packed so you are able to collect multiple at once and not spend hours running back and forth to places you’ve been before. The holo communicator also eliminates the need to run back to one person just to get sent back to the same area you came from. These kind of mechanics are not really new but the combination of them is pretty fresh and exciting when you’ve done the run from point a to point b thing so many times.

There’s also the Legacy system (which is what this whole series of posts is about) which I will cover next time with more thoughts.

Have a nice week, all!


2 thoughts on “SW:TOR The Jal’frezi Legacy (Pt. 1)

  1. I never picked up on why I have severe alt-aholism in SW:TOR, but you nailed it. Every time I run a flashpoint I always want to be doing what the other classes in my group are doing. Not to twist your arm, but pre-ordering and subscribing is worth it to be able to level my alternate characters quickly.


    1. I’m really surprised that they are actually as fun to play as they are to watch, too. Usually you see a fun looking class only to play it and feel like you’re having teeth pulled.

      I have considered pre-ordering the expansion as I am really enjoying the game so far but I am likely going to hold off for a bit, as I just started playing, and I would like to experience the game in its “natural environment”, but as we get closer to November I will be keeping an eye on it. I also want the pre-order bonuses. Already subscribing so at least that’s not a concern.


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