Autumn Cleaning

We’re no longer in summer, people! It’s over- it’s all over!

This is just a quick update to say that the WordPress and various other changes are now complete. Everything is where it should be, everything is in line, I’m happy with my work, and all is well in the realms of Moggie. As if there were such a thing. That would be pretty cool, actually. In any case I was going to slip this onto the end of another post I’d done to explain it very quickly but I suck and completely forgot in both cases. So I’ll just do it as an individual post with a little more explanation than I was going to use before.

WordPress is split into three major categories: Art, Blog, and Gaming (which are all pretty self-explanatory). These are the ones where you’ll find the most content and are the most general of the mix as they’re broad categories, while, in varying numbers, I also have a number of categories that break them down. Pencil, Sketch, Update, Marker, Ink etc. Gaming doesn’t have a category system as I don’t really know how much I’ll be doing and how much of a particular thing I’ll be posting. So they’ll either be really small or really broad categories.

Like, for instance, First Person. Applies to most of the games I play. Or Open World. Also applies to most games I play.

If, in the future, I find the need for a category system I’ll add one. For the time being I’m doing the other side of all of this which is bolstering the content on the sites and here on WordPress. The first six months of 2014 wasn’t really good for anything- but the last six months is certainly shaping up to be something. It’s quite interesting actually.

Given that I was about to write off this year and everything in it- it has surprised me. Then again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Who knows for how much longer it will last? I don’t. I do know there are going to be a few more pieces but other than that I can’t make any promises. I might also disappear some time in November and reappear in February as is my usual tactic in the festive season. Not sure why I’ve done that for the last two years but I’m kind of hoping I don’t do it this year…

Have a nice week, all!


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