Composition of a Moggie

Sometimes in the early hours of the day I do things that I’m not quite sure why I did them…

I’m sure of the reasons I done this- ’cause if I didn’t who would? I mean, who would even care enough to make an image with my face plastered to the left of it? Me! That’s who! That and it’s a pretty good way to get to know my interests without the need to explain each one and tell you all my childhood memories associated with them. That really would be boring as I remember when I got my first cardigan and it was the time when I shunned the roll neck jumper for the zip up cardigan.

It was Christmas, I was young, I was cold, and my roll neck jumper started to fall apart from overuse.

Exceptional quality and service with a smile.
Exceptional quality and service with a smile.

It’s nostalgic, sure- but is it really worth a whole series of explanations of the composition of each woollen garment? Though, I have to say that cardigans are quite useful as they often have pockets and they can fit over everything while you can take them off when you get them warm. Much easier than trying to fumble out of a jumper you’ve just squeezed yourself into. That and when people see you wearing a cardigan and you’re not in your thirties they automatically assume you’ve got old before your time. Which allows me to explain that without having to open my mouth and utter a single word.

You see!? That is what I’m talking about! Would you really want to read a dozen more paragraphs explaining each of those different categories? …You would? Well, if you say so. Take a seat by the fire and I’ll tell you of the time I got my first suit. It was grey and it was a really nice cut, I’d bought a deep red tie to go with, and when I wore my white shirt I looked the part…

(I’m not really going to explain them. Sorry.)

This could also be a useful tool if I ever have to explain myself and what I do at another one of these corporate functions. “If you’d like to direct your attention to the .png on the overhead projector you can see that these are the things I enjoy, that I wear, that I like, and that I do. Now that I have alienated myself from the rest of the group I shall go upstairs and get a coffee and then return to the corner when I can not participate in team activities as none of you want anything to do with me. Thanks for your time and have a nice day, all.”

I joke around with it but I practically did that when I went to university for the first few days. Well, no, it was my first actual day in university and my entire year was in the auditorium and we were all doing the self-explanation and get to know each other thing. The night before we had bought our second cat and she was so small that we kept her in my room as she would likely get hurt somewhere when roaming the rest of the house. Whereas my room was relatively safe. Unless you’re a pot of coffee or a cardigan.

She kept me awake until something ridiculous like 6am and even though I’d only got an hour or so of sleep I still went to university. When my turn came around to talk about myself I stood up and proudly announced “Hi, I’m David. I like cats.” then sat down. It confused the rest of the room as mine was the shortest and most cryptic and, well, let’s just say I didn’t have friends that year. Still, it was fun.

Have a nice week, all!


Art, design, and the like found herein (unless otherwise specified) is drawn and owned by David Wilkshire (also credited as Moggie) from 2006 to present date.

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