The Year Everything Changed

Though it hasn’t been a great year for art it has been a great year for all things Moggie.

I started the year with some changes to the social media side of things to bring them in line with the new website that went up a few days later. I know that I change the designs around quite a bit, or, rather, I have done in the past- but they are important to me. I’ve always had a few things about all of the sites that I’ve questioned, changed, changed again, still didn’t like, and continue to not like. But until there’s a better way to do these things I would have to settle with what I had or have a website that looks different every week.

Considering I’m doing this as an experience for myself and for the people that follow me I don’t really want to change things too often without good reason.

In the case of the website updates earlier this year I actually hit a design that I’m 98% satisfied with. There are a few things that I would change but they would require one of my other projects taking off, which, at the moment, is not going to happen so it’s where it is and I’m happy with it. Incredibly happy. I also feel like there’s an element of consistency across all of the sites and it’s easy to recognise it as part of one thing.

WordPress also faced some changes in that there are now posts about gaming. Whole posts. Like, fully detailed with screenshots and stuff. It’s pretty awesome if you like that kind of thing and expands on the idea that Twitter (at least) was for the personal side of things as well as the art side of things. WordPress is still primarily about the art. It’s just that I throw in some other things to make it more interesting as I do have a lot of interests and thoughts beside art. Facebook, to a lesser degree, I hope will follow suit in the future as I think there’s a lot more to do with that one. I just don’t have the followers or enough interest generated at the moment to tap into that- but no matter.

I’ve got a great following on WordPress and I’m more than happy with this place as somewhere to share my odds and sods.

The most recent change is an updated display picture, I had the previous one since the very first day I started all this back in 2006 which would make it about eight years old as it all kicked off in September that year. It wasn’t a decision made lightly but I rather like the new one and I think it wraps up the refresh of the whole project quite nicely. 2014 won’t be the year that I set any records for the amount of art produced but it will be a year that everything “started again”.

Speaking of, I’m also going to be doing shorter but more concise WordPress posts.

I like writing. It’s fun. But at the same time I find that I could be writing more with less space if I were to focus my points and cut the waffle. I prefer to eat my waffles with a fork- but whatever works for you. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get less words of wisdom from Moggie (like “coffee is awesome!” or “cats rule!”) but you’ll get more posts, more focused, more interesting, and shorter so you’re not spending hours of your time reading my ramblings. I know my stories are important to you but we’ll get through this. If you truly believe.

Which makes this a good time to wish you all good tidings.

Have a great week, all!


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