Exhausted Intermission

I’d love to get all arty in this post and hurl creative things at you relentlessly… but I’m more likely to fall asleep. Just prod me with a stick if I do, ‘kay?

The last week has been a repeated cycle of work for twelve hours, eat once in the day, sleep a bit, catch up on sleep on the train, and start it over again. I haven’t had much time to put into any of my existing or any new projects for a bit and that annoys me as this blog almost is where I’d like it to be. I just need more content. So does my poor site. It’s just not been the best week for it.

On the brighter side of the news I’ve finally given in to the awe and wonder that is Titan Quest. I’d heard about this game all those years back when I was looking for games that were similar to Diablo II, but I’d never bothered to try it as it didn’t seem… as exciting? I don’t really know how to explain it. I just, well, I never got the feeling it would be enjoyable to play, or that it would have much replay value. But for the price they were offering on Steam and the fact that I’m more experienced now- why not?

Diablo II was great game. It really was. It just had some things about it that as you got deeper into the difficulty levels or into the more varied builds weren’t very satisfactory or enjoyable at all. The point hoarding, the repeated skill trees, the lack of variation for melee classes, the superiority of magical/ranged classes, the addition of immunities with which some classes/builds were now useless, and a few other things.

On the other hand it was a pretty great ride regardless. The concept of randomly generated locations, enemies, and the possibility of finding something really amazing early on was a nice change from the likes of Final Fantasy where everything is where it is and will be whether you play it once or a thousand times. Plus, the versatility of the systems to maximise on certain aspects earlier or later and be able to fully control how your character grows. Not to mention the multiple difficulty levels which actually changed things in the game like the death penalties, resistance bonuses, enemy attacks, and later the immunities/resistances of enemies. It wasn’t massively long but it was something that you could really get into and was even better if you had friends along for the grind.

If you love mythology and running around in a skirt you're in luck!
If you love mythology and running around in a skirt you’re in luck!

So, is Titan Quest perfect? No. It has flaws and it has the same inherent problem that (as far as I know) you cannot change your invested points. However, there could be something later on that allows you to as I’m barely half way through the first act. That said, it does improve on a few of the things that Diablo II had done. Personally, I enjoy the Warfare Mastery tree as it has some pretty interesting concepts for an ARPG. Your main left button skill Onslaught is a charge skill that gets more powerful with every hit up the current level of investment. This means that as your enemies chip away at your health and you get surrounded you’re also getting stronger. Every hit, every kill, and every enemy makes you more powerful. Pair that with Battle Rage which randomly spikes your power to incredible levels and you have a melee class that can slice and dice but doesn’t lose the momentum as they get surrounded and increasingly hurt.

I’m not too far into it at the moment but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty cool. I’ve got to pick a second tree to invest in now and I’m not sure what I’ll choose or how I’ll play it as I could have him as a full melee class with Warfare Mastery/Defence Mastery or I could throw some magic in there and see how that works out. That is one thing that does interest me as there are so many different combinations and you can but wonder how they will all work out.

I like putting points into things, y’see.

That’s all for now. Hopefully when next we meet (or when next I type) there will be some advancements on the artistic front and I’ll be able to share more rotting abominations for your viewing pleasure. Otherwise, I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going and what’s happening. I can see me running around in a skirt for a few days of this week, though. No, not at work. Not unless I shave my legs.

Have a nice Sunday, all!


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