Tomorrow and the Day After

You know what they say about the best laid plans of cats and men. Well, it should be mice- but cats are infinitely more fun. Who’s a fun feline? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

Hopefully this year will be the best year I’ve had for art in a while. I’ve got the new work area set up, new materials, more clarity, a greater sense of purpose, and less new video games to finish than I had last year (you all know that was the real reason I disappeared for so long). Yet, with all that taken into account there are no guarantees. I’d like to think that this time in two months I can look back and say “that was awesome- let’s do it again!” But who knows if I will be able to?

I’m working on a new system of updates (as mentioned previously) which are going to allow me to post more often, keep regularly active, and to avoid the problems relating to time and when I am free to actually sit down and do something. This is experimental at the moment and doesn’t guarantee a constant flow of updates.

To be fair, that’s one of the major reasons I left deviantArt as I’m all for regular updates- but I don’t want to feel like I have to do them.

So, naturally, in tune with how much work I’m doing and what I’m currently doing otherwise, there will be more or less updates in some months than others. It’s probably going to take a few months to see the difference but it should allow me a much more natural flow of work. This also only accounts for the social media side of things. I can’t say whether or not I’ll actually get the time to do any new pieces on a regular basis (again in tune with what’s going on as well).

I feel like there’s going to be more variety this year. Digital, traditional, sketches- all sorts of things could and most likely will happen. I also feel like updating some of the sites and trimming some of the fat (as it were) from those and really making the best work stand out amongst the rest of the progressive work.

There’s a lot of promise in the coming months and for the first time in a good long while I’ve actually felt like I want to create things. I don’t know if that’s the music I’m listening to or whether I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m frustrated, tired, and just want to invest something into what I want to do. Not what someone else wants me to do. Or what I get paid to do.

I’m thinking about myself. I’m taking account of what I can do to make me happier in general. Which is something, I think, for the general working people of the world, everyone needs to do now and then. It’s good to say you’re working and making a living and looking after yourself- but you need to actually look after yourself.
Financial security and a solid income can only take you so far. You shouldn’t lose the fire in your life for the things you’re passionate about.

So, here’s to a good year.

Have a great February, all!


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