‘Tis the Season

Seems to be around this time of year that this little Moggie disappears and doesn’t reappear for a few months holding nothing but the remains of festive chocolates. I can change, I swear!

In truth, 2013 wasn’t the best year for my art. It was the best year for sorting things out in my life but art seemed to get pushed to one side. Or I’d be more inclined to rifle through mercenary chests and corpses in a video game than to get myself back to drawing. There are a lot of reasons for this. Firstly and most importantly is that it was a time of change- of transition- and that is something I shall share with you soon. It’s more a case that it wasn’t that I couldn’t draw but I was pushing myself not to. If that makes any sense.

I could have kept up my usual output levels but I was dissatisfied with a lot of what I was doing at the time.

As in, I’d rather have plucked my eyes out with the Blade of Woe than to keep trying to do what it was I was doing. I felt there was a necessity to change, to develop, and to come back happier with what I was doing and so I set about doing just that. You’ll remember, if you’ve followed the blog for a while, there was a lot of experimentation going on in 2013 with new paper and so on. That was to try to improve the quality of the results and give me more versatility.
There was a lot of interesting points raised by the various papers, canvases, and board that I used. I learned a lot. But there’s very little point in learning if there’s no application, right?

That was the second part. To actually apply the new techniques, use the knowledge, and to try and understand how I could continue to push this further. There’s very little point in reaching a level and saying “that’s good enough.” It’s not good enough until you are doing what you set out to do and if you’re not doing that- you’ve got a ways to travel yet.

I also had a number of personal, work-related, life-related, cat-related, and chocolate digestive-related life issues to deal with. It wasn’t an easy time by any stretch of the imagination but that’s usually when my art comes out the best. As, to me, the process of creativity is not a hobby or an interest- it’s a way of life. It’s the only thing that has ever made unconditional sense to me. If there’s a reason I was put on this Earth by some possibly higher being living in the clouds it was to be creative.
Therefore, going without it, and ignoring WordPress and the rest of my sites so long, was a pretty hard thing to do. But, hey, it happens.

I’m setting up a new system to get updates and other things that I want to share out to you sooner rather than later and over the next couple of weeks you’re going to see new art, sketches, long explanations about desks you’ve never seen before, and more Moggie goodness.

Have a great weekend, all!


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