May Madness!

I admit, I haven’t been doing much art- but I have been gaming! So I thought I’d do something different, be a little personal, and so today is all about gaming!

Since I bought this rather nice gaming machine I’ve been playing games by the score. I think I’m up to eight completed this year and I’ve got a couple that I’m running with at the moment.

One of my absolute favourites was BioShock Infinite. I was late to the BioShock party. I only actually finished the first two in March this year and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed them, and wish that I had played them before I played Skyrim as they were bought at the same time. There’s something about how the plots are dark but steeped in morals, where choices have far reaching consequences, and often change the ending- one thing BioShock Infinite was criticised for not doing- but I feel the different approach is fairly refreshing. Not to say there aren’t any choices, but they are less conclusive, and have less of an overall impact.

BioShock Infinite

Otherwise the visual style is incredible. It’s like watching a painting unfold before you, but despite what the opening may suggest about the bright and colourful world of Columbia- there’s a dark heart at the core of it.

Not to mention most film makers could learn something from the developers in terms of plot introduction and execution. The iconic bathysphere opening in Rapture is something that was unique back then, it set the scene perfectly, and the introduction to the wonderland of Columbia is no different.

The next I’ve really enjoyed was Dishonored. I avoided playing this for a while as I could never get a clear indication of what you actually had to do in the game. Having finished Batman: Arkham Asylum recently and playing a more stealthy approach than a combat-orientated one I felt it was worth a try. One thing I really love about it is how there are far reaching choices that don’t necessarily make you good or bad. Or massively change the world you’re in. But they change how you are represented and whether or not you’re feared.


In that, throughout the story, you can choose to be a relatively decent or murderous person and as you choose to be either the other characters will start to either respect or fear you. The far end of fear means they will go to extremes and use a lot more defensive and offensive countermeasures, while the far end of respect is more like you ghost through the world without leaving a trail. It’s not so black and white, though. So there’s elements of each mixed based on who you intend to be and why you choose to be that person. Some side objectives or some of the more respectful ends can only be unlocked by doing something for someone else, so it’s not even like you have options and you can choose. You need to explore and craft the story to see the full extent of it.

Anyway, that’s all from me- hope you all have a lovely evening and a great night.

See you later!


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