A Sudden Reappearance

I hadn’t realised that I haven’t posted on here for over two months! I really miss this place but I haven’t had much time to do any art (or more accurately the motivation).

It has been an interesting couple of months. Finishing off the old year on a high with a good Christmas, booked holiday from work, a nice start to the New Year, and finishing Borderlands 2 just before I was due back in to serve my lovely, lovely customers. I promptly started working on Torchlight II after that.

You wouldn’t believe how many games I bought in the Steam sale (and how many I bought for those I know)! I actually had to make a list and then went back to Diablo III for a short spell to finish Inferno with a new Barbarian.

You can see the epic conclusion here:

The Prime Evil (Inferno)

I still feel the game is largely a disappointment but there was a hole burned into my wallet for it earlier in 2012, and it was stuttering heavily on my old hardware rendering it unplayable, then even on the new hardware the stuttering is prominent for the first few seconds of a new area or boss affix. I figured I might as well complete it once on Inferno so I set forth to do just that.

After reaching Lvl 60 (8) on my Barbarian I started running some other classes and basically running normal as quickly as I could. Currently I have 6hrs 32m with my Witch Doctor as my record for a full normal clear. Also, with all the extra loot I have found I have started selling it off on the auction house and made it to a clear 800k just from the crafting materials.

Borderlands 2 was a pretty fun ride, too. I actually look forward to playing that again with a couple of the other classes (Mechromancer or Gunzerker), then again I have a list of potential builds for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- so it’s not like I’m going to run out of things to do between art.

Art being the primary reason you’re here, and, well, to be honest- there isn’t much to come and see recently. On top of the gaming and the time spent at work, I’ve been doing more things to make my quality of life better and to get into a better place. I’ve also had some bad news recently that has pushed things back.

In any case that’s all for now.

Until next time.


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