“This way, that way, every other way there is to go.”

I’ve never been too conventional and, as art is a projection of ourselves, that would bleed over into my art, and display through my varied and broad range of subject matter that I cover. It’s a long term engagement but it pays dividends in spades when everything comes together.

This is, of course, a post about my art and where I am going/gone with it.

You may have noticed (depending on how long you have been following me) that I have put out a string of animal portraits recently. Some of them are pretty good, some are progressive, and others I’ve called back because they were just plain awful. But it may surprise you to know that this isn’t my main focus. It isn’t even one of my main focuses.

But it is a building block. A singular subject matter which can teach you so much about the tools you use, and how to use them better, and what sort of things you’ve yet to learn.
It’s the whole reason why I bounce around from media to media and piece to piece. I want to eventually have a complete mastery of all subjects. Though, I fear, I don’t have enough hours in the day, or years left in my life to do that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try and achieve everything that I realistically can.

I was once (for lack of a better word) known for portraits. At the time it was people and this time it’s animals- so I guess you could say I still known for portraits- but over the years I’ve had brief periods of other things. Watercolour painting, fantasy art, landscape art, realism, and more.

I haven’t forgotten how to do any of that (quite the contrary) and with my new found tools gained from the animal portraits I have pushed those further, once I translate it into that media, which is why I’m always encouraging artists I know to do newer things.

You’d never think painting an apple would help you paint a bird- but it does!

You see that shine on the beak? Try to apply the same layering, colour, and lighting principles to how you painted the apple to the beak and you’ll be surprised how easy it becomes.

So I haven’t really got a direction, nor do I want one, and that’s why it’s so hard to classify myself as an artist as on the one hand I don’t believe I should have to and on the other wouldn’t know what to choose. I just do whatever I’m most challenged or intrigued by. Sometimes I find whole new pursuits in the process that take me on wonderful journeys.
Pretty much what happened with Wisdom- that was a pretty amazing journey for me on a personal and emotional level, and in my growth as an artist, and it isn’t over yet.

Just thought I’d let you know that.

Have a lovely weekend, all!


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