Sometimes I Wish I Were a Priest

Or a paladin or any class that is aligned lawfully good and cleanses disease. It really would’ve helped with those few bouts of illness I’ve had recently- the good news is that I’ve seen a priest and I’m back to full health. Though my magic points are slightly depleted as I cooked a killer casserole earlier.

Reality? The only Reality I know is the last album David Bowie released before he decided his recording career was at an end.

So how is everyone? Hopefully the answer to that falls into the category of “good”, “great”, “wonderful”, “splendid” etc. As I am feeling pretty good and have been for this entire week, my sister has a theory I’ve been infected by some sort of mutant spores and am being transformed into some sort of super human creature (really, she does), but I’m thinking it’s just a good week.

My weekends have been occupied with travels in and around Skyrim. Funny fact coming up- I bought my first house, Breezehome, the other day, mostly as I had a lot of stuff to carry around and having full heavy armour on is weighty without the reduction perks, so later I told a friend and she thought I meant a real house. Like I had a mortgage or some form of property.
If only that were so. Alas, it is all digital, which is probably for the best as I wouldn’t want to be out there facing off against dragons and travelling snowcapped mountains and luscious forests…

…Oh who am I kidding? I would dig that. Wholeheartedly.

Work is, well, work, it’s a long hours and team orientated kind of commitment. It’s a bit like marriage but there’s no divorce and you get paid for doing it.
It also requires you to wear a suit (not a dress (which is a shame as I look great in a dress)) and you have to spend time with people you don’t like sometimes, in the case of marriage that would be your mother in law, in the case of this job that would be customers who can’t be helped.

You wouldn’t believe some of the crazy stories we get. I don’t even believe them.

In any case, you may wonder where this post is going to which I must admit- I have no idea. I just wanted to throw an update out as it’s about a week and a half since my last actual post, mostly due to the lack of art, though I don’t consider myself some kind of artist machine (I do a good impersonation of a printer, though) and wouldn’t be pushing to put things out every week.

But new things are always good, right?

(If you want a Christmas card this year you’re going to nod.)

I am thoroughly enjoying my time playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (I love full names too) and have been kicking myself for not buying it some time ago. In terms of roleplaying game excellence Skyrim takes the cake, the icing, the little edible figures, and all the fancy doilies you can shake a stick at. It’s a beautiful game with a really engaging combat system.
Or at least I think so. Some would say I’m too involved but I prefer the term “passionate”. It means you’re both a romantic lover and deeply committed to what you do.

Well, that’s all for now!

Have a nice end of the week, all- don’t forget there’s only one more day ’til the weekend!


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