Fuzzy Little Friends

Admittedly not all animals are fuzzy, nor are all little, and to be honest it’s hard to say that all are friendly but…this was a really bad title wasn’t it?

So, to go back a few months, I know I’ve said a lot of things recently about art and I really want to come back to those and explain a little of the methodology behind recent pieces. Animal art has seen a dramatic increase and though I’ve been trying to work away from it- it won’t go away.
Or, more accurately, I’m finding myself doing more animal art as it’s something I really enjoy doing and it can be a very strong bond between yourself and the audience.

Everyone loves animals to some degree, after all.

Those pieces don’t necessarily see any increase in the number of comments, but they do have an affiliation, one that people are drawn to, and it’s an interesting theory. Mostly as I’ve been shying away from conventional photo-realism approaches. I’ve been trying to go for illustrations or mixed style pieces that really jump out at you (though it’s evident what they are).
This is interesting to me as I’ve felt that, well, unless you do photo-realism, you aren’t getting anywhere, for a while. It seems to be all that draws attention elsewhere.

But there are some very awesome styles out there and some incredible stylised approaches that often get overlooked, or overshadowed, by that one photo-realism piece.

That said on a broader, and more personal, level- this is what I want to do with my art.

I’ve never been able to confine myself to being just “one kind of artist”, I like to do it all, I like to try my hand at everything. It’s mostly one of the defining factors of those musicians who I listen to. They’re varied- they do a lot- they don’t just sit in one very defined groove and stagnate.
This is why I’ve been on and off about animal art as I don’t want to find that people refer to me as a “nature” or “wildlife” artist. As I’m not. I know people with far superior skills in that respect.

Sadly, it is often the case that people take what you do the most to be what you do the best or what you like to do. Of course, I do enjoy animal art- but it’s not my key focus. I’m just learning a lot about all sorts of things through it.

So if you’ve ever wondered why I’ve been shying away from animal art- that’s why.

Of course, for all my shying, and rehab, I can’t kick the habit, as it’s such an interesting subject matter. But I am going to do something else very soon! Eventually. Maybe. One day.

Have a nice evening, all!


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